The importance of water

Let’s begin with the beginning…


As all of us know already, water is vital for our bodies to function properly. How much water should we drink every day, it’s a fairly easy question but with no easy answer. Some say eight 8 OZ glasses of water per day, some say 2 liter or 2.2 liters for men. I agree with this, however I do not agree when I read things like “Drink 8 glasses of fluid per day”. Fluid could be anything. Tea, juice, yogurt, alcohol, coffee. Some of these actually contribute to dehydration in our bodies.

So water is the most important fluid, in order to maintain our bodies’ vital functions. It carries nutrients and oxygen to the organs and keeps everything lubricated, you feel less tired, and your skin will look  more plumped up.

Water is the main ingredient in our bodies, anywhere between 50-55% to about 75-78%, depending on age and lifestyle.And unfortunately it is decreasing as we get older which is why we need to make sure we replenish.

Now not a lot of the water that we’ll try to drink from now on is transported to our skin! Which is why we need to use water topically as well, in the form of hydrating (attention, not astringent) toners and moisturizers.

So before we get to talk about other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, let’s try to be aware about how much water we intake each day.

Besides regular water I recommend Coconut water as well (the one without sugar additives). It is known to be the most rich in nutrients, and electrolytes.

As a toner I like to use this: In an older Toner bottle, I mix Distilled water with a few drops of Coconut water and a few drops of milk. Yes MILK. It is known to increase and maintain hydration, rich in vitamins, especially Calcium and the enzymes in it help with exfoliation in a very mild way. PAY ATTENTION TO ALLERGIES!

OR, you can also try: Thermal Spring Water. My favorite one is Avene.

These being said Be Well and Cheers 🙂




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