You too can be a 10 again!

“Getting back in shape”…

May sound like a cliché or stereotypical statement, but hey no one can stop us from thinking of it or saying it out loud. One can hope!

At the beginning of each year, most likely a huge percentage of us set this goal and we are/seem very determined to lose weight, to get back in shape, to lose inches off our waists. In a word to get a better body. Some of us want/need more results, some of us less, it depends on how we currently look and how determined we are to getting that “banging” body we have been dreaming about.


You know you want your body back! You know you don’t want to undergo surgery! You know you want to stay away from general anesthesia! You know you’ll work towards exercising more, not gaining more weight, eating healthy and having a healthy life style! You know you can take some pain (procedures are NOT pain free, on the contrary)!

Well, it is time you learn about CoolSculpting! I am currently working in a plastic surgery office in Miami and I was introduced to this device, which I also tried on my own body. I was so impressed I thought you all should know about it, if you haven’t tried it yet!

This revolutionary device which is going to help you lose inches mainly from your waist area (mid section), was developed at Harvard University by scientists like: Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD.


A non surgical contouring treatment that freezes/crystalizes stubborn fat (fat cells). These cells die and are flushed away by the body through the urinary system as well as the lymphatic system. There is no downtime and no surgery involved and it is FDA approved.



The truth is that majority of us have stubborn fat that we can’t get rid of no matter how much we try! Dieting and exercising work up to a certain point, but sometimes no matter what we do we can’t get rid of that muffin top!

Thank God that the fat, which generally bulges in the mid section ( in women especially after they have one or two babies) is not resistant to CoolSculpting.

In the next 3 months following the treatment(s), the remaining fat cells condense, and this way the fat layer in the treated area(s) becomes considerably smaller. 25% thinner after the first treatment and 50% thinner after the second treatment.


In doctor’s offices. Generally dermatologists and plastic surgeons.


1 Hour only! However some of us have more than one area to be treated so it can take up to several hours, depending on your budget and the results you are looking for. Prices can be slightly different depending on the area where you live. But generally one treatment is several hundred USD and typically you’ll need more than one treatment.


In 3 to 4 months after the treatment you should be able to see the best results. But you’ll start seeing some changes in your body as soon as 3-4 weeks after the treatment.



This will not help you lose weight! It’s only going to tone your body and help you diminish stubborn fat mass.


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