Recycle your old jeans and dress on a budget


Some of you know that I am the queen of recycling. I love recycling everything, and I am very good at it.

Distressed jeans7t



Recycling clothes can be a lot of fun, if you manage to keep your proportions (kind of) the same over the years. I got this pair of jeans (6 years old), which I always got compliments for in the past. A friend bought them for me from Brazil, since they are famous for the jeans and bathing suites they make 🙂 Here you can find similar ones.


Distressed jeans1t


This is how you can make some changes so you get a bit more life out of your old jeans. Cut a pattern you’d like for them and then wash them twice in cold water. Iron them and Voila!


Distressed jeans3t


Here I paired them with an H&M basic T-shirt and Schutz pointy dress pumps.


Distressed jeans4t


Headed out to dinner. Just add a casual blazer and you are good to go!


Distressed jeanst

Distressed jeans2tDistressed jeans5tDistressed jeans6t















Cheers for recycling and looking chick without spending a lot!



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