About me

Hello new and old friends!

qMy name is Bianca and I am a mother, a makeup artist and a medical skin care therapist in Mexico City,  for now…

I will use this way of communication from now on, as I am intending to give you ideas, to show you shortcuts, to teach you techniques and tricks, to express YAYs and NAYs, to be your friend and your critique in regards to health and beauty. Skin, hair and makeup are going to be my focus in this blog but not only.

I will try to be true to myself but most and foremost to all of you, as I will recommend skin care products, makeup, hair products, accessories that I tend to like, foods, remedies, beautiful places, shortcuts and tricks in regards to beauty. Generally I will make this all about sharing with you pieces of my knowledge and my life experiences.

I am going to write about all these not because I am perfect nor because I think I am spectacular from any point of view… but because I love to be healthy and happy, to look beautiful and elegant, and I also have a critique eye, which quality I embrace. 

So, as young ladies (and not only) in U.S. and Europe are welcome to follow me, they will learn things from me and I will most definitely learn things from them 🙂

Let’s learn how to become more balanced in our daily lifestyles and routines, in order to radiate and share our beauty with others.

So let’s start the sharing and the debate my beautiful ones!

With love and appreciation,



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