Did anyone say Cheese Cake

Everyone has a love affair with cheesecake. At least anyone I know! Including myself of course 😉 This is why I thought I’d share with you all this super easy to make and delicious cheesecake recipe. cake ed 7About a year ago I found this amazingly fluffy, fresh tasting and delicious cheesecake recipe on http://www.allrecipes.com. Yes you read well…Fresh and delicious AND so easy to make, you’ll want to make this over and over again. It definitely has become one of the staples in my kitchen. I have not found one person yet who doesn’t absolutely love this cake. cake ed 2

After making this a couple of times for different occasions, I changed the recipe a bit, to fit my and my family’s taste. If you want the original recipe you can find it here https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/8350/chantals-new-york-cheesecake/.

The few things I changed/added:

  •  I use 2 packs of 8 oz of Philadelphia cream cheese instead of 4. And I add one pack (10-12oz) of mascarpone cheese.
  •  I almost always decorate it with freshly whipped cream and berries. It seems like this is everyone’s favorite mix.
  •  I add one spoon of vanilla sugar in the mix for a more vibrant vanilla taste.
  •  Sometimes I sprinkle confectioner sugar powder or vanilla sugar powder at the end to jazz up the presentation 🙂

Remember that even with 2 packs of cream cheese and 1 mascarpone, you’ll get a pretty big quantity of cake to bake. So I always have 2 baking trays ready: a big one for the main cake and I always bake a smaller one just to give away, or to have as an extra.

cake ed 6

cake ed 8

cake 5 edcake ed 3cake ed 4cake 12cake edited 1

Bon appetite!

xoxo, Bianca 


Family Goals – Mexico 2017

A couple of months ago, before my very good friend Nina moved back to the US, I asked her to do a photo shoot for me and my family. She insists she is not a photographer but I think she is a super talented one. So we went out to our backyard here in Mexico City and this is the result. This is just a glimpse of our life and family of four here in Mexico.

Every single day is a new adventure here. We discover new things, amazing aromatic flavors and foods, breathtaking places and most importantly beautiful people who have become our family here. IMG_0697IMG_0503

My girls

Loving mama

Thank you, Mexico!

Tireless pursuit of shoes

shoe-black-edIn my tireless pursuit of decently priced shoes this past year I managed to acquire a few super cute and practical pairs, which I am very proud of. There is no secret anymore that there is nothing better out there for me than a great shoe sale.

Stuart Weitzman high heel bridal leather sandal. You find similar ones here. picmonkey-image-white


Schutz Enida cork high heels. Similar ones here






French Sole Truffle grey suede flats. Similar ones herepicmonkey-image-shoesignature pic monkey ed 1

Hello divine eyelashes!

Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes mascara! 

mascara edmascara ed1

The name says it all! A couple of weeks ago one of my patients brought me this mascara to try. Since I am always looking to enhance the look of my lashes, which with age are just becoming shorter and less dense, I’ve decided to give it a try. A little mascara never hurt anyone. Plus I’ve probably tried every mascara brand out there so what’s one more…I’ve been using it ever since and I am addicted to it. I am happy to report that it is the best mascara out there by far!


This proprietary formula has two international patents pending and it is also hypoallergenic which I love, because my eyes tend to get red and irritated during the day because of the dry environment I live in at the moment. It comes only in one shade which saves us time and the decision is simple! If you have short, thin, or even normal eyelashes and you are looking to enhance the look of your eyes with incredibly long and beautiful lashes, I think this product will not disappoint.mascara face


mascara ed3








The application is very simple too! The only thing I do extra I use an eyelash curler before I apply the product, because my eyelashes are naturally straight. I know, lucky me!

mascara ed2It comes with a very easy to follow instructions booklet. I normally do 3 steps of the mascara and 2 steps of the fiber, alternating, starting with a thin layer of the mascara so the fiber can adhere to the lashes.

My personal tip: Try to move fast, as you don’t want the product to get dry, before you’re finished with the application. And you can always apply just one coat and see if you are happy with the results. 

signature pic monkey ed 1

Look for the holidays/Indian accents

Since arriving in Mexico, I’ve fallen in love with their art and their ability to mix bright colors in such interesting ways! One of my friends has recently started a new very cool business here in Mexico, called Origen Local, where she is promoting hand made, original and artisanal products, from all over the world.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she gifted me this hand made clutch from India, made with original materials and decorated with old Indian coins. How cool!

Here, I was headed to a dinner party and I chose to wear this Zara Basic jumpsuit my sister gave me. I am obsessed with it and with the idea of wearing a jumper. It’s as easy as wearing a dress…put it on, zip it up, match a pair of shoes to it and that’s it. And I was so excited that my new purse went perfectly with it too!

My cell phone was the only thing handy before I headed out, so the quality of the pictures is not great.

Thanks Daniella for my wonderful gift!



pe4 pe5 pe6 pe7 pe8 pe10 pe

For more on artisanal art from Mexico and around the world check out Origen Local on Facebook and Instagram.

You can find a similar Zara jumper here:


jumpsui zara 4


jumpsuit zara 2

jumpsuit zara

jumpsuit zara 1signature pic monkey ed 1

I’m all about healthy skin…

One of my go to looks I’ve created with the makeup products I wrote about in my previous post. Easy! In 20 minutes I was ready to go! I love makeup and I love it even more when it’s easy to use and it is skin and environmental friendly.

Here are my favorite brands I wrote about, which are not going to damage your skin if you love wearing makeup.

1. Colorscience  2. Physician’s Formula 3. GS/Gerda Spillmann

IMG_2672 water markIMG_2671 water markIMG_2673 water markIMG_2676 watermarkIMG_2669 water markIMG_2675 water mark




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Recycle your old jeans and dress on a budget


Some of you know that I am the queen of recycling. I love recycling everything, and I am very good at it.

Distressed jeans7t



Recycling clothes can be a lot of fun, if you manage to keep your proportions (kind of) the same over the years. I got this pair of jeans (6 years old), which I always got compliments for in the past. A friend bought them for me from Brazil, since they are famous for the jeans and bathing suites they make 🙂 Here you can find similar ones.


Distressed jeans1t


This is how you can make some changes so you get a bit more life out of your old jeans. Cut a pattern you’d like for them and then wash them twice in cold water. Iron them and Voila!


Distressed jeans3t


Here I paired them with an H&M basic T-shirt and Schutz pointy dress pumps.


Distressed jeans4t


Headed out to dinner. Just add a casual blazer and you are good to go!


Distressed jeanst

Distressed jeans2tDistressed jeans5tDistressed jeans6t















Cheers for recycling and looking chick without spending a lot!



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