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Since arriving in Mexico, I’ve fallen in love with their art and their ability to mix bright colors in such interesting ways! One of my friends has recently started a new very cool business here in Mexico, called Origen Local, where she is promoting hand made, original and artisanal products, from all over the world.

Just a couple of weeks ago, she gifted me this hand made clutch from India, made with original materials and decorated with old Indian coins. How cool!

Here, I was headed to a dinner party and I chose to wear this Zara Basic jumpsuit my sister gave me. I am obsessed with it and with the idea of wearing a jumper. It’s as easy as wearing a dress…put it on, zip it up, match a pair of shoes to it and that’s it. And I was so excited that my new purse went perfectly with it too!

My cell phone was the only thing handy before I headed out, so the quality of the pictures is not great.

Thanks Daniella for my wonderful gift!




For more on artisanal art from Mexico and around the world check out Origen Local on Facebook and Instagram.

You can find a similar Zara jumper here:

jumpsui zara 4

jumpsuit zara 2

jumpsuit zara

jumpsuit zara 1





signature pic monkey ed 1







Time is ticking. . .Until December 9th!

Fendi3 Fendi 1

How amazing are these time pieces and for the price point, they are a great bargain! In preparation for Christmas and all other December Holidays (my birthday included), I started my research for great deals on beautiful gifts. And I just got this one.

Nordstrom is having a 25% sale for all women watches these days, until December 9th. I have been looking for a not too expensive, yet nice and versatile watch for a while. Here are some of my selections this year. 

Some of these are really cute. Check here!

Movado diamonds   Movado gold   FendiBurberry redMovado Cerena



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