Hello divine eyelashes!

Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes mascara! 

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The name says it all! A couple of weeks ago one of my patients brought me this mascara to try. Since I am always looking to enhance the look of my lashes, which with age are just becoming shorter and less dense, I’ve decided to give it a try. A little mascara never hurt anyone. Plus I’ve probably tried every mascara brand out there so what’s one more…I’ve been using it ever since and I am addicted to it. I am happy to report that it is the best mascara out there by far!


This proprietary formula has two international patents pending and it is also hypoallergenic which I love, because my eyes tend to get red and irritated during the day because of the dry environment I live in at the moment. It comes only in one shade which saves us time and the decision is simple! If you have short, thin, or even normal eyelashes and you are looking to enhance the look of your eyes with incredibly long and beautiful lashes, I think this product will not disappoint.mascara face


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The application is very simple too! The only thing I do extra I use an eyelash curler before I apply the product, because my eyelashes are naturally straight. I know, lucky me!

mascara ed2It comes with a very easy to follow instructions booklet. I normally do 3 steps of the mascara and 2 steps of the fiber, alternating, starting with a thin layer of the mascara so the fiber can adhere to the lashes.

My personal tip: Try to move fast, as you don’t want the product to get dry, before you’re finished with the application. And you can always apply just one coat and see if you are happy with the results. 

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I’m all about healthy skin…

One of my go to looks I’ve created with the makeup products I wrote about in my previous post. Easy! In 20 minutes I was ready to go! I love makeup and I love it even more when it’s easy to use and it is skin and environmental friendly.

Here are my favorite brands I wrote about, which are not going to damage your skin if you love wearing makeup.

1. Colorscience  2. Physician’s Formula 3. GS/Gerda Spillmann

IMG_2672 water markIMG_2671 water markIMG_2673 water markIMG_2676 watermarkIMG_2669 water markIMG_2675 water mark




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My latest makeup favorites

PicMonkey Collage 1

Heart collage1. Colorscience Bronzing Primer. You’ll never find a better one! It comes in a few shades for different skin types, such as rosacea skin, oily or sensitive skin. My absolute favorite is the Bronzing one because my skin is naturally very pale, so I start building up my sun kissed glow even from the first step in my makeup application. Plus it has an SPF 20!

2. MAC Spice Lip Liner. This is such a creamy easy to use lip liner, true to color (a soft brown) and it lasts pretty much all day. I can combine it with natural, nude lipstick shades or sometimes I even mix in a pale pink lipstick. I don’t think I can use any other lip liners after using this one!

PicMonkey Collage 4.3. L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara. Over time I probably have tried 50% of the mascara brands out there. I always seem to come back to L’Oreal though. Easy to use, very accessible price wise, it builds up my lashes’ length, without leaving them looking heavy and clumpy. I also love the Waterproof one, but it’s a bit hard to remove at the end of the day, so I use that one only when needed 😉

4. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge. The most creamy, moisturizing and hydrating lipstick. Besides the fact that it feels really good on the lips and the color is amazing, the ingredients in it are some of the best, likePro-Xylane to enhance and lock in moisture and Vitamin E (one of my favorite most potent anti-oxidants out there), to protect against environmental aggressors.  PicMonkey Collage 2

5 and 6. ColorsciencePressed Mineral Eye Colore. I keep recommending Colorscience to everyone I meet. It’s a very environmental friendly and “healthy” makeup line out there…if there is such thing. These two palettes are all you need if you are like me and like more natural looks.

7. L’Oreal Lineur Intense. I believe that a good eye liner can change your life. There are days, (well majority of my week days) when all I wear is some concealer under my eyes, eyeliner, blush and a lipgloss. Easy! If you want one which gives you a lot of control and an intense black color, you might love this one as much as I do!

8. Benefit Speed BrowI love the easiness of this product. As soon as I apply, it dries out in seconds, giving my eyebrows a bit more of an organized look, since they are a bit unruly naturally 😉

9. Gabriel Concealer. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love Whole Foods. There was a time in Miami where I would eat every lunch there. So pretty much every day I was visiting a store, and pretty much every time I’d discover amazingly healthy options to not only regular food, but sometimes, makeup, house stuff or health supplements. This is how I discovered this super amazing, gluten free concealer that now is my go to concealer every morning.

10. Colorscience Pressed Mineral FoundationLet me tell you. If you don’t like to use powder foundation because it feels heavy and it makes you look older, I am exactly the same. But this powder is completely different. I love applying it with my Kabuky brush in big circles, very gently, so I obtain a natural flawless look in seconds. Again the ingredients in this powder are the best ingredients for your skin you’ll find in any other powder foundation!

11. L’Oreal Brow Stylist SculptorThis is what I sometimes use to shape my eyebrows for a more dramatic look, right before applying the Benefit Speed Brow Gel. Easy Peasy!

12. Physicians Formula Argan Wear BronzerI’ll be honest. Lately I’ve been traveling a lot and on one of my trips to Miami, my old bronzer broke. Went to Walgreens  and purchased pretty much the first one that looked better and to my surprise this is becoming my new favorite bronzer of all times, by far. Smooth, easy to apply, paraben free, gluten free, hypoallergenic, it even feels moisturizing, and the fragrance does not bother me at all. It has a light scent to it, but I love it and it makes my skin look sun kissed with just a few brush strokes.

13. Bio Fond Highlighter Whenever I need more coverage under eyes (because of my genetically inherited dark circles), this is my go to product. It’s more of a professional product I discovered in a skin care/makeup trade show and ever since I’ve been ordering it all the time. It covers all imperfections, while it has this silky/creamy consistency and it allows your skin to breathe. And of course, the ingredient list which obsesses me on every product I buy, is beautiful. Love this concealer/highlighter!

O.K. That’s all for now. Enjoy!

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Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer

Sometimes life takes over and we wake up one day asking ourselves what happened. Where did the time fly. In this case obviously my life took over for a few months and I took a break from writing…

These being said, it doesn’t mean that I stopped documenting myself, reading, doing trainings and getting interesting and useful ideas…

Lately, in case you got close enough to smell me, you might have noticed some BO. Not bad, but it’s there 🙂 This is a joke of course, but in the past couple of months I did try  to find the best natural under arm deodorants, mainly from Whole Foods…Why?

On a number of occasions I’ve heard about antiperspirants being linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. There was a study about 10 years ago which said that in 17 or 18 cases out of 20, paraben build up was found in breast tissue. The same study did not conclude that parabens cause breast tumors. Furthermore, the same study did not conclude that the paraben build up in the unhealthy breast tissue was caused by the use of antiperspirants or other antiperspirant deodorants.

It has been explained how a certain ingredient in antiperspirants, an aluminum compound called “aluminum chlorohydrate, acts like  little “plugs” for the sweat ducts and prevents us from perspiring and getting rid of potentially harmful toxins.  The aluminum chlorohydrate and the chemical complex called “parabens” stops the body from purging toxins through sweat….which when trapped, accumulate in the lymph nodes and contribute to the cellular changes that can lead to breast cancer.

We know that sweating is a natural and necessary function of the body. Through sweating our skin helps control the body’s temperature, releases toxins, heals and breathes. 

“Breast cancer and Alzheimer’s are two complicated diseases which are difficult to associate with one singular cause, such as antiperspirant/deodorant use,” Paul Pestano, MS, research analyst with the Environmental Working Group, said in an e-mail interview.

But, considering that 1 out of 8 women in the U.S. will get breast cancer in their lifetime, I have decided to at least try to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, in this quest to lead a healthier lifestyle, I am trying not to isolate and restrict myself or my family from all “good” things in life 😉 Moderation is everything!

Ingredients which will help reduce the BO causing bacteria you should look for in the  best antiperspirant for you:

  • Essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, lemon grass
  • Aloe
  • Fruit extracts such as lemon, orange and grapefruit
  • Baking soda.

Here there are a few antiperspirants I have tried lately, which are going to work naturally while reducing bad odors. But remember, they need to be reapplied throughout the day!


























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I said once that I will not publish anything on this blog, regarding my views on life, world, people, relationships and personal matters…And I stand by that as much as my fingertips are itching to write about my newest heart ache. Which probably convinced me for good that as women, we need and we owe it to ourselves to trust our instincts. Which is probably why I will remain forever single. Well…divorced!

Let’s just say that I have been burnt in life. Burnt so much that I can’t look at you or at the camera straight.So I have decided to do a semi selfie shoot, without showing my eyes too much, because they are embarrassed to face the world these days 😦


Here is what I wore: O.P.I. “Purple with a purpose” nail polish, MAC Heroine matte lipstick (my new obsession), MAC Dazzleglass lip gloss and MAC Magenta lip pencil. And….Wallaroo FRANKIE hat. Simple.




















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Antioxidants in Skin Care

SKCCFR-2SKCPhloretinGel-2   SKCCER-2

Dear friends who are avid in your pursuit to keep your skin in check, I am addressing this article to YOU.

You know that behind all the makeup and nice clothes you need to have a perfect working body and a healthy skin. Or at least strive for that, as nothing in this world is perfect.

So let’s make it simple for you to get on the road of achieving a “perfect canvas”. We know that the skin is one of the fewest organs in our bodies which has the ability to regenerate. That means that it goes through a continuous shedding process and new baby skin cells grow all the time.  

But that’s not the only function of the skin. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It protects the inside organs from pathogens, it regulates the temperature of the body, it also controls the evaporation of the fluids. And these are just a few of the important roles the skin plays for us.

Antioxidants are some of the most important ingredients in skin care. They are nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes and minerals, which help our bodies to break down the free radicals and to slow down the oxidation process. We know that the darkest colored fruits and veggies are the richest in antioxidants. And it is great to eat as many of those as we can on a daily basis. Also it is recommended to take an antioxidant complex orally, each day.

But how do we know which ones to choose to use topically on our skin? Because there are so many brands out there, it can be really difficult and confusing to make a good choice.

Antioxidants in skin care are substances extracted from different fruits and vegetables, which have the role of neutralizing free radicals which our bodies produce constantly. There are two reasons for which the body produces free radicals. And these reasons sometimes are hard to control. There are extrinsic factors like smoking, sun exposure, polution, and alcohol just to name a few and intrinsic factors which in a word, if you want, make us “oxidate” from inside out. Those are aging and stress unfortunately.

So in order to protect the skin, and the main ingredients in our skin, the collagen and elastin (responsible for keeping our skin looking young, plumped up and elastic), we need some very good quality antioxidants in our skin care.

The most important ones are Vitamins A, C, E, Beta Carotene, Idebenone, Coenzyme Q10, Zinc and Copper.

Now how do we choose them, in order to make sure these vitamins will penetrate, stay and do the work for us, as opposed to us just applying them and then washing them off and throwing money on the window.

First we need to make sure that those antioxidants are in a stable form, they are in an ideal concentration and that they penetrate into the Stratum Corneum of our skin, where the oxidation begins.

So reputable companies and universities have studied all these things for us, to make it easier and also to help us rest assured that our antioxidants, when used in the correct form and chosen carefully will work.

Here I am gathering a few criteria you should look for:

FACTS for MAX efficacy:

  • You need to make sure that your serum comes in a dark or opaque bottle. As light speeds up the oxidation process of your Vit C.
  • When Vit C is accompanied by Vit E and/or Ferulic Acid (powerful antioxidant as well), will be stable for longer and also absorbed better.
  • Jar packaging is not the best for an antioxidant product, as it exposes the product to air and fingertips, which will make the antioxidants waste faster.
  • Use an antioxidant complex serum as opposed to a powder which could be mixed in your skin care products. The powder generally is less absorbed into the skin, especially when it is mixed with a moisturizer, which is viscous.


Vit C can be irritating for the skin if used in high concentrations. You need to find the right product with the right formulation, which works for you and will not give you irritation or erithema.

My personal favorites:

CE Ferulic from Skin Ceuticals for a dry, aging, sensitive and even combination skin.

Phloretin CF from Skin Ceuticals for a more oily, acne prone skin, or for someone who tends to get oily in the T Zone in the first part of the day.